translated from Spanish: Teaching guilds accept government offer: it will be $23,000 in March and $25,000 in July

Following the meeting with officials of the Ministry of Education of the Nation, the five teaching guilds with national representation accepted the government’s offer. Thus, the minimum wage will reach 23,000 pesos in March and 25,000 in July. According to Télam reports, an extraordinary sum of 4,840 pesos was also agreed, to be paid in four installments of 1,210 pesos in April, May, June and July.
The announcement was confirmed at a press conference held this afternoon at the Sarmiento Palace by Education Minister Nicolas Trotta and his co-worker, Claudio Moroni.» Our government’s decision to convene the national teaching board is a stage of consensus,» said the Education headline, ensuring that they seek to «leave behind the encounters with teachers.» This first meeting is linked to the challenge facing Argentina in the progressive educational investment process,» he added. This agreement will officiate as a basis for the rest of the provincial negotiations.

We’re in the Ministry of Education of the Nation. Working for the well-being of all the teachers of the country. Today we negotiate in the National Teaching Joint. — Sadop Nation (@sadopnacion)
February 26, 2020

Moroni, meanwhile, celebrated «the opening, discussion, and agreement we reached in this joint» and highlighted the «possibility of reaching agreements» in «complex circumstances like argentina’s way.» Representatives of the Confederation of Education Workers (Ctera), the Argentine Teachers’ Union (UDA), the Confederation of Argentine Educators (CEA), the Argentine Union of Private Teachers (Sadop) and the Association of the Technical Teaching Teacher (AMET) participated. In this note:

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