translated from Spanish: Ximena Ossandón at launch of the RN campaign by the endorsement: «The far right and the far left do not want changes to the Constitution»

Campaigns for the constituent plebiscite to be voted on April 26 on Wednesday were officially launched, and National Renewal (RN) is the only political party to participate in the apture and rejection strip.
In presenting the partisan campaign for the apruebo, Ms. Ximena Ossandón emphasized that the plebiscite represents a «tremendous opportunity to write a Constitution that is participatory, democratic, even, collaborative, and finally produces attachment to all Chileans». «This is not to destroy, this is not to build everything again, this is to approve to rebuild,» he argued, as opposed to the RN rejection strip, led by Andrés Allamand, Francisco Chahuán, Diego Schalper and Camila Flores, among others, who argue that the current foundations must be preserved in order to make changes that benefit the public.
According to Ossandón, «those of us who are by the passing are about to preserve all that is good, but we have to change all those things that have produced the inequality and unrest that exists today in the people of Chile».
In this sense, he stated that «this is not about right and left, here we have far right and far left that do not want changes to the Constitution. They don’t want them, a lot of them are playing a role, but deep down they don’t want them because it accommodates them.»
«We can’t be as if that doesn’t exist, we have a tremendous citizen demand that we from the right, from our side we want to try to solve,» Ximena Ossandón argued.
The RN campaign for the endorsed will be led by Senator José Manuel Ossandón.
«It’s not a blank sheet»
Other deputies from the party who go for the endorser were also present at the launch of the campaign.
«The idea is to demystify some myths that are installed, they are slogans and say nothing, as is the case of the «blank sheet», where supposedly starting from scratch and that is not the reality, since this change to the Constitution will have more guarantees than any other Constitution in the history of Chile, because we have the democratic clause that ensures the separation of the powers of the State, court rulings, international treaties, among others,» said Deputy Andrés Longton.
For her part, MePut Erika Olivera emphasized that «in National Renewal there is diversity, respect within the bench, and despite the differences that may exist in certain issues, we always seek the same purpose that is a better Chile for all, where there is dignity, health, safety and quality education», adding that «I would like that in the new Constitution childhood is protected because we have seen a lot of violence in the street».
The presentation of the campaign was also supported by the Youth of National Renewal, led by Javier Molina: «We seek to unite Chileans through a new Constitution that is representative and does not divide society. The endorsement of National Renewal is very different from the endorsement of the left, the Communist Party or the Broad Front, since our endorsement is against violence, it is purposeful and hopeful,» he said.
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