translated from Spanish: Wide irony front about the high average age of the 231 mpsconcertanist figures who signed letter calling for a new National Settlement

The letter of 231 figures of the exConcertation that makes a diagnosis of national reality and calls for the generation of a new National Agreement, for the period 2020 – 2022, was received with effusiveness and enthusiasm by the Government and officialism in general.
However, it has been the subject of certain taunts and ironies on the part of young people of the Broad Front, attending the high average age of its signatories, an average age that would reach 60 years; that is, far removed from the generations who dared to put fundamental and unresolved old issues on the public agenda, the front-end ers point out. The signatories, who propose the new National Agreement, include Senator José Miguel Insulza (PS) and former ministers Enrique Correa (former PS), Soledad Alvear (former DC), Mariana Aylwin (former DC), Sergio Bitar (PPD), Adriana Delpiano (PPD), Jorge Burgos (DC), Walker (DC), Mariano Fernández (DC), José Antonio Viera-Gallo (PS) and Juan Gabriel Valdés (PS); and former undersecretaries Jorge Correa Sutil (DC) and Isidro Solís (PR). Also former Senator Fulvio Rossi (ex PS) and former mp Gutemberg Martínez (former DC).
The group defines itself as “progressive independents and exponents of the democratic center-left,” and they claim the policy of the agreements of the concert governments of the ’90s, and make a “call to the political, social, economic and Democratic citizens to come up with a powerful deal.”
This agreement would be structured around three axes: relevant and sustainable social agenda, social peace and public order and recovery and growth of the economy.

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