translated from Spanish: Alberto Fernandez: “Today a Court judge earns three or four times what the President earns”

After what was the session in the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation that resulted in the media sanction to the project that seeks to modify the privileged retirements contemplated since law 24.018 and 22.731, the President, Alberto Fernández, gave his feelings about it. In dialogue with Radio 10, the representative set out to be sure that “it is a step forward for equality. The judges’ system is not new, I personally know it well, I am the son of a judge. Today a court judge earns three or four times what the President of the Nation earns or what a Senator of the Nation earns.” “What one has to understand is that Argentina is going through a very difficult time where the average retirement is 24,000 pesos and that these regimes are unbearable with the logic of the present,” he said. 

On 1/3 Fernandez will hold the opening of ordinary sessions

Following the allegations from Together for Change about the lack of dialogue, the President dismissed this point: “It is not true that we do not speak, what happens is that we find a very great rigidity and resistance. Still, there were changes, I incorporated proposals brought to me by the President of the Council of the Magistracy.” “Those who colonized Justice were them, I’m not even looking for judges who have put them to retire. They did amazing things, what they wanted, they handled the Magistrates’ Council in a pathetic way. They have a problem, I do know, I don’t, I know how Justice works, I know what happens, I don’t,” Fernandez said. In this vein, he considered: “I ask Argentines to understand me, I have no problem with the Court, with the judges, the Executive Power is the administrative power of the state. I want independent judges, probos judges, worthy judges. I think the vast majority of judges are like that and that a few have damaged everyone’s image.” “We are in a country where the International Monetary Fund says “that country that is Argentina is not in a position to pay its debts.” And if the Fund says such things, they will realize the state of the public coffers,” he reiterated the news he made the previous week. 

Axel Kicillof with the President, Alberto Fernández

He detailed in this sense that he usually “has a problem in politics that is extreme rationality. I’m having a hard time getting out of there and getting a little demagogue out of there. What I always felt in economic matters is that we were right.” “I’ve missed no one. Those who voted knew what we wanted to do, what we wanted as a political force and therefore I am following that word. Those who sometimes kick pretend one back their engagement but I’m not going to do it. This time the effort will be made by those who have the most,” Fernandez closed. In this note:

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