translated from Spanish: Iran reports 11 coronavirus deaths and nearly 400 new infections

The Iranian Health Minister announced on Sunday (01.03.2020) the death in the last 24 hours of 11 people infected with the new coronavirus, so that the balance in the country rose to 54 dead, the second highest, China.
In addition, 385 new cases have been confirmed, so the total number of people infected in Iran is already 978, ministry spokesman Kianoush Jahanpour said at a television press conference.
Jahanpour stated that new cases were confirmed in several cities, including Mashhad, which houses Iran’s most important Shiite shrine and attracts pilgrims from across the region.
Iran has the second highest number of global virus deaths
Iran’s civilian government calls to clerics to close shrines to the public have not been followed uniformly.
The disease, known as COVID-19 and originated in central China, has infected at least seven government officials in Iran, including one of its vice presidents and a senior Ministry of Health official.
The Iranian government said it is preparing for the possibility of «tens of thousands’ of people being tested for the virus.

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