translated from Spanish: He began selling tickets for Don Osvaldo’s return to the stages

Don Osvaldo returns to the stage, to perform in Neuquén, San Juan and Córdoba. He so settled on his social networks, where he generated great excitement in fans and fans. The shows are scheduled for the next April 16 and 18, at the Estadio Ruca Che, on May 21 and 23 at the Cerrado Aldo Cantoni Stadium and June 12, 14, 18 and 20 in the Plaza de la Música. Tickets are already on sale, already generated furore and can be obtained at Eden Tickets.

Remember that, during 2019, the band performed few performances, including Cosquín Rock. This is because the singer, Patricio Fontanet, had to undergo a vocal cord operation in May of that year. “Like any surgical intervention, the recovery process will take a while during which the band will be absent from the stage. For the last few months we had been waiting for the different medical opinions that eventually lead us to cancel the Tour of the South,” they said in a statement. Meanwhile, the band released “Casi Justicia Social II”, with a total of 16 songs, including “Broken and Unstitched”, “La Comodidad”, “Mirror Mirror”, “Culpa” and more. In this note:

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