translated from Spanish: Torton catches fire after falling into a ravine in the Mazatlan-Durango

Mazatlán.- The fire of a cargo truck mobilized the emergency units of the municipality of Concordia this at the height of kilometer 174 of the maxipista Mazatlán-Durango near the community of Chirimoyos.The events occurred at approximately 23:00 hours yesterday. It was said that the driver of a torton that transited the rua previously described from the north to south lane live to the city of Durango lost control of the unit and went off the road falling approximately 100 meters to the ravine.

After this action and the driver of the unit left on his own as the vehicle was starting to catch fire, it was the same driver who alerted the emergency units to report the find. He also enlisted the help of the rescuers to help him out of the bush and up the road. 


The site was attended by elements of Concordia Fireman as well as Capufe personnel to attend to the emergency. The accident did not affect the road so the circulation followed its normal traffic. The smoke swallows descended by ropes to rescue the conductor from the torton as he had been left below the mountain but without any scratches he was only helped to climb. Also with jets of water began to extinguish the flames of the inn unit which is unknown the load it was carrying. After an hour of work the fire could be controlled and it was requested to crane crane to remove the vehicle from the ravine and transfer it to the workshop of its correspondence.

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