translated from Spanish: Kicking, he tries to take a child of a woman who cared for him in Guasave

Guasave, Sinaloa.- In the middle of March 9, the day on which the women stopped activities at the national level, an act of violence against a woman in the Earth and Freedom colony was recorded after a man tried to force his son. The alleged perpetrator could not be stopped by the elements of the Municipal Police as he withdrew from the site minutes before the authorities arrived.

According to the information provided in the part of the Public Safety Address, it was through a call in which Flor “N”, reported that minutes earlier to his home located on Benigno Valenzuela Street, his sentimental ex-partner arrived whom he identified as Juan “N”, who is a neighbor of that same locality and verbally assaulted his niece, who at the time was caring for the son of the reporter, a child of three years who the man tried to forcibly take to the dwelling, but who the young woman sheltered in one of the rooms in the house. The boy’s father, seeing that his son was in the room, tried to kick open the door to take him away, but failing to do so he withdrew from the place threatening the female that would return at any moment. Later to the site, municipal police officers arrived at the house who, after taking a tour in search of the man and having no results, provided guidance to the affected person to come before the authorities to make the formal complaint.

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