translated from Spanish: Marcelo Tinelli confirmed that he will assume the presidency of the Super League

After a hectic afternoon in Argentine football, where the meeting of the Executive Committee was held at the headquarters of viamonte, where the only absent representative was Marcelo Tinelli for commitments in Salta, the Superliga’s closer was signed once the Super League Cup ended in May. However, in the middle was the departure of Mariano Elizondo (president of the SAF) and Jorge Brito (vice-president), leaving the company acephalic until it was decided to put in charge the aforementioned president of San Lorenzo. After his trip to the north of the country, he returned and referred to his new role.

#CNNDeportes Marcelo Tinelli (@cuervotinelli) «We are all very happy to return to the mother house of Argentine football»
«River has to be at the AFA»
«Mariano Soso is the new coach of San Lorenzo»
«I would love to be close to the national team»—TNT Sports LA (@TNTSportsLA)
March 10, 2020

«All the clubs are very happy to return to the mother house of Argentine football. It has been years with some good things and some not so much,» Tinelli told the press, where he acknowledged his good relationship with Claudio Tapia, with which he will work side by side for top-notch football.» It’s my turn to lead the transition, on Tuesday I will lead the meeting in Superliga. I thought the double command never seemed interesting. The idea is to keep 3 relegations and 24 teams,» said the president of San Lorenzo who noted that «today the League needs a political president who can defend the right of clubs.» On the other hand, Marcelo Tinelli confirmed that one of his dreams in this new role of AFA is to try to approach the Argentina national team and be close to it, and closed confirming that Mariano Soso will be the new technical director of San Lorenzo, assuming his role in the coming days or after the FIFA Date.

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