translated from Spanish: Mañalich for Giorgio Jackson’s test: «It makes little sense to get tested if the person has no symptoms»

On 27 February this year, The deputy Giorgio Jackson (RD) made a trip to Spain, and at the Congress of Deputies of that country he met with political authorities, including Irene Montero, holder of the Igualdad portfolio, who, as confirmed today, was met with Irene Montero, holder of the Equality portfolio, who, as confirmed today, was met found infected by the coronavirus.
On that trip, the politician also had contact with Pablo Iglesias, second vice-president of the Spanish Government, which is quarantined as a result of the virus. The Member did not hesitate to have the examination of COVID-19, without presenting symptoms, in order to clarify «responsibly» his state of health considering the current context and the increase of cases in Chile, which already reach 33 in our country, according to the Minsal figures.
However, the Minister of Health, Jaime Mañalich, went out to relativize the effectiveness of the parliamentarian’s decision. «It makes little sense to do the test if the person has no symptoms, it can create a false sense of security, stopping the proper quarantine,» he said.
Meanwhile, since the Democratic Revolution, Deputy Miguel Crispi clarified on his Twitter account that Jackson «shows no symptoms and took the test for responsibility.»
Subsequently, Crispi explained that the measure taken by Jackson is to give a «sign of total tranquility, this is a very preventive measure and above all to give a signal to the citizens of responsibility to the coronavirus».
«But,» he added, «more important than this, we asked the government to consider appointing a presidential delegate, to build greater credibility for people and make quick decisions,» he said on his Twitter account.
Until the close of this note, the former student leader has not reported on the test result.

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