translated from Spanish: Rower Brian Rosso was suspended and will miss the Olympics

By bureaucracy, lack of communication or misrepresentation, Brian Rosso is another of the many athletes worldwide who feel the detreatment of the federations that should protect them and those they represent. This time, a confusing situation in the midst of the rowing team’s pre-season, ended with a most painful sanction. Through an official letter from the Argentine Association of Affiliated Rowers (AARA) he informed the 32-year-old singlist that he was suspended for the next six months, so he will not be able to participate in the Rio de Janeiro Pre-Olympics and therefore ran out of the Olympic Games 2020.
“Far the worst moment of my life… I was ruined,” Rosso posted on his social media with the text informing the Decision of the Discipline Court, which was based on the first communiciate, in mid-February, where it was reported: “Brian does what he wants,” in the relationship to the work in Tafi del Valle del Valle national team. In those days it was where the dispute began, because the medallist in the Pan Americans of Lima managed to fulfill all the tasks together with the team, but did not participate in the oars with low load by a contracture in the neck, from which he ensures that the masseuse and a preparer is they were aware of it. After receiving the news that he appears to be left out of the great competition and his Olympic dream, Rosso received hundreds of messages from teammates and other athletes, who again criticized the leadership decisions against elite sportsmen.

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