translated from Spanish: «Go on with your normal life»: the president of Mexico, back in the world

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador urged citizens to continue to live normal lives, despite the global advance of the coronavirus. «Don’t stop going out. I’m going to tell you when not,» the president said through a video posted on Twitter. 

By this publication, the representative became a trend. Although, over the course of hours, it accepted some medical recommendations from the World Health Organization, it still does not take the extreme measures that most countries did take to prevent the spread of the pandemic. It is necessary to take into account that Mexico is bordered by the United States, one of the countries with the highest number of infected.
«If you can do it and have the economic possibility, keep taking the family to eat at restaurants, to the fondas. That’s strengthening the economy. We do nothing good, nor help if we over-paralyze ourselves. We’re going to make normal life. In the time, the President is going to tell them when to keep us,» López Obrador said.

Within a few hours, «Hail Mexico,» it became a trend on Twitter, like an ironic game in the face of what the head of state posed. That’s why the president changed some of his speech, in the midst of the growing crisis in his country.
«I want to make a proposal on the greeting, touching the heart,» the representative said this morning, at his regular press conference at the National Palace. Immediately, he rested his right hand on his heart and bowed his head. López Obrador stressed that he will follow the advice of doctors, «but neither kicks nor elbows, but with the heart». Mexico has so far 316 people infected with coronaviruses and two dead, according to the last official part provided by the Director of Epidemiological Operational Research of the Ministry of Health, Ana Lucía de la Garza.In this note:

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