translated from Spanish: Mandatory quarantine: 15 bars closed and nearly a thousand people were arrested

The Government of Buenos Aires reported today that since the mandatory quarantine began, which has 141 cases of coronavirus in the City, more than 800 people were arrested or delayed, 15 bars were closed and 32 vehicles were hijacked.

The hijacked vehicles belonged to persons driving without permission and without being able to justify their transfer. In addition, it was reported that from 20 March to 24 March morning, 180 were arrested and 659 delayed, notified or moved home for breaching isolation. The city police have passed 20,960 people, 13,397 cars and 2,205 motorbikes at the checkpoints of the City Police. One of the most celebrated data in the City is the drop in the number of people who used public transport services:Subte goes down 96 %
Trains low 91 %
Collectives down 84 %

As for business, from March 13 to today more than a thousand were inspected, with 15 closures, corresponding to 13 bars and 2 danceable bowling alleys. In the city of Buenos Aires there were 141 cases of coronavirus, of which 43 were already discharged and there are 96 interns, with two deceased. Against this back, the City intensified the controls and today announced numerous total cuts of access to the Federal Capital. In this note:

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