translated from Spanish: Woman suffers fractures from falling from a fourth floor, in Morelia

Morelia, Michoacán.- A young woman was injured as a result of a fall from the fourth floor of a building of the Punta Floresta fraction, located in this city of Morelia. The patient’s relatives were the ones who saw what happened immediately called emergency number 911 for help.
The event was this Wednesday on Diamante Avenue, in front of building 533. The area was home to Red Cross paramedics, who provided first aid to the citizen and then taken her to a nosocommon of this city and there she was interned, her health status was reported as stable.
Also, official contacts told this newsroom that the girl suffered an exposed fracture of an ankle and another fracture in her right arm, at elbow height. He also had multiple bruises. Law representatives did not detail how the accident occurred and reminded the public that any emergency can be reported to 911.
It was also known that before the arrival of the lifeguards, the municipal officers specializing in pre-hospital care were the ones who helped the girl. The area was at all times guarded by local public security personnel and citizens supported the sun to be covered by the injured and those who cared for it, as it hit lead.

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