translated from Spanish: Filo,world Social isolation in times of coronavirus

Beyond the desire to go out and be with our affections again, at the moment there is nothing more important than staying at home and fulfilling social estrangement when it comes to going out to buy essential things or work, in case you can’t do it from your Home, why is all this important? Oriane Fléchaire, a French journalist based in Argentina, arrived for a new edition of Filo.mundo in which he highlights the key factors of this decision of Alberto Fernández and the entire health portfolio that will help avoid situations like Italy or Spain.

The World Health Organization recommended one meter as a minimum distance so as not to get into account. «The goal is to buy time to save lives,» oriane says of this decision that since it began with the «Stay at Home» campaign on March 18, the rule is enforced for 500 million people worldwide.» It is key to fighting with «the enemy of humanity,» as WHO defined it,» is one of the most important points of the norm, although it can have some consequences, mainly the anxiety of those under four walls for longer than the Account. But keep an eye out, «being isolated isn’t forever,» says Oriane and also the health and safety agencies that try to provide the greatest care so that there are no collapses in hospitals or health centers, but aggravate the situation: «step by step , isolated but together», is the motto that we have to follow. In this note:

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