translated from Spanish: Miami repatriated man died: they investigate whether he had coronavirus

A man who had been repatriated Tuesday from Miami died Thursday night at Fernandez Hospital and investigates whether it is coronavirus. The 70-year-old had arrived in our country on Tuesday 24 on Flight 1305 from Miami with his wife and other Argentinians. According to what was established by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires who live in Capital Federal and arrive on flights of returnees must make the mandatory quarantine in the room of a hotel assigned to them. Seventeen passengers from Flight 1305 were taken to Hotel Deco Recoleta, at 1359 Suipacha Street, for isolation. There the man began with symptoms similar to those of COVID-19 that already left 13 dead in the country. On Thursday afternoon he became decompensated, was transferred to Fernandez Hospital and died at night from causes that are being investigated. It is not ruled out that this is a new fatal fatal fatal fall of coronavirus. According to childhood health sources, the first medical review found that he had no symptoms of coronavirus, that he was in good health and had a history of gout, a common and painful form of arthritis that affects the joints and tissues by a high level of uric acid in the blood. On Wednesday it was re-checked and had no temperature. Yesterday it was reviewed three times. In the first two, at 8.30 and 14, he had no symptoms. At 17 o’t they asked for assistance from the room for loss of temporary space and time and appearance of fever. The doctor who treated him recommended studies for «confusion syndrome», was called the SAME and was taken to Fernández Hospital.He died in the hospital of Buenos Aires at 22.13. Test results are expected to determine the causes of his death.

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