translated from Spanish: They launched a new traffic permit to be quarantined

The national government reported that those who carry out essential tasks that allow them to move during compulsory quarantine will need to manage a new driving licence. This permission is requested by security agents who guard compliance with social, preventive and mandatory isolation. Like all national procedures since the beginning of quarantine, the permission is requested online and the steps are as follows: Register with ID or AFIP user and key
Complete in the keyword finder “Request for Circulation Permit”
Click on “Start Procedure”
Complete the form with the requested personal data, click “Save”
“Confirm procedure” and wait to receive a File Number
To obtain the certificate, after you have received the File Number, you must go to the “My Paperwork” tab located at the top edge of the screen, select the “Finished” option located in the left margin of the website and double-click on the procedure in question. Once located on the document “Circulation permission”, in the column “Action” you have to select the option “View”, indicated with the symbol of an eye. There you can open the document that is downloaded to display the permission.

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