translated from Spanish: Balacera in Culiacan leaves two municipal policemen injured

Culiacan, Sinaloa.- Just five days after an armed group stormed the command facility in the tepuche community to assassinate the commander named Jovel N., where two uniforms were also beaten and disarmed, yesterday two elements of The Municipal Police were injured after having a brief confrontation with alleged assailants outside a convenience store in Guadalupe Victoria colony. After the events, there was a chase against those responsible, who were travelling aboard a dark car on the Mazda line, ending south of the city, after patrolmen lost track of them almost when they reached the vicinity of El Salado. 

Eight hours later, the vehicle that was allegedly used in the event was located by the authority in the vicinity of the Mexico 15 highway, in the syndicature of El Salado. This unit has a report of theft on January 27 of this year, and is owned by a woman resident of Culiacán.The report
The clock was ticking around 3pm, when preventive requested support via the panic button on the communication radio, so several municipal agents moved to the corner of José Vasconcelos street and Manuel Estrada R avenue.

Transit closed the road four blocks around. Photo: The Debate

When help arrived they observed the agents outside the store with gunshot wounds, so Red Cross paramedics arrived at the site, who upon arriving stabilized the agents, and then transferred them to a clinic in the city to receive care Medical. Unofficially, it was said that the injuries they presented did not put their lives at risk. Version of the fact 
It was allegedly said at the scene that the patrolmen came to the store to make a purchase, and before entering they were shot by two men, one of them from inside the business, and the other from the street, aboard a vehicle , who was waiting for the one who was allegedly assaulting the employees.

Two policemen injured when facing assailants in the Guadalupe victory. Photo: The Debate

After the assault, the uniforms repelled the aggression, protecting themselves with a car from the I10 line in the parking lot, which resulted in dozens of impacts on bodywork and crossfire crystals.

The men, seeing the ill-wound preventatives, seized the moment to set off the site. Errands 
Personnel of the State Attorney General’s Office made up of experts and investigators showed up at the site, entering the cordoned-off area, marking as indications dozens of deadly shell casings of long weapons; they also requested videos from the property’s security cameras to examine them and open an investigation folder to try to find those responsible.

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