translated from Spanish: Aguas Andinas signs agreement with contracting companies to avoid layoffs during health crisis

In the midst of the health crisis facing the country over Coronavirus and the economic uncertainty it has brought with it, Aguas Andinas announced that it will maintain a firm commitment to its own workers, ensuring employment protection, and with its companies contractors, as they are part of their production chain and are also essential to ensure the supply of drinking water to homes in the Metropolitan Region.
Thus, it agreed with the meter reading and field ballot-sharing companies to implement support measures for up to 3 months or as long as the emergency continues. Among them, continue with the payment of their services, even if they are interrupted by the health crisis. This will be complied with as long as the contracting company does not make disengagements on its workforce, in order to protect the source of work for around 350 people.
In addition, the company announced that it will look internally for other spaces so that people in these roles can support other processes.
«We are taking all necessary measures to ensure the conditions of operation, which will allow us to ensure the continuity and quality of supply for Santiago in a scenario where water is a fundamental element to combat the virus and cannot Miss. Both our workers and contracting companies are key pieces to meet this great challenge,» explained Daniela Rebolledo, the company’s deputy service continuity manager.
These actions are in addition to a series of measures announced by the company to deal with the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which will spare no effort in ensuring the safety and health of its workers and thus operational continuity.

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