translated from Spanish: Before Comptroller: Health Guilds denounce «lack of inputs» to help them protect themselves from Covid-19

During this day, both the Medical College and matrons and Matrones reported to the Comptroller General of the Republic the «lack of inputs» that protect them from the coronavirus of the health officials of the Metropolitan Region. The action is that information has been received that some workers «are receiving pregnant women with suspected Covid-19.»
According to Radio Cooperativa, the paper submitted by the guilds accuses «violations of basic sanitary conditions in the workplace, due to the shortage of protective elements against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which has put integrity at risk physical and psychological health personnel.»
Non-compliance with Articles 53 and 54 of Decree No. 594 by the Ministry of Health is specific, which requires the «supply, at no cost, the Personal Protection Elements (PPE) necessary to prevent the risks associated with the function performed by health service personnel», such as surgical masks, N95 respirators, face protectors, aprons, protective goggles, among other elements.
In this sense, they denounce «the lack of minimal materials to prevent Covid-19 disease».
This seeks to initiate a health summary that will in detail the corresponding administrative responsibilities.
The letter was also submitted to the Seremi de Salud, so that the reality of the various hospital facilities can be inspected.

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