translated from Spanish: Fernán Quirós talked about Argentina’s outlook and the Pfizer vaccine

On Monday, the Minister of Health of Buenos Aires, Fernán Quirós, spoke about the announcement of 90 percent effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine, the new steppe of dispo in the AMBA and gave his opinion on the future possibility of vaccination in Argentina, in the Truth/Consequence program, of TN. On the beginning of the DISPO, Quirós defined this stage as “symbolic”, but asked not to relax with the controls. “While it is true that it is a new stage, given the European reality we must continue to take care of ourselves and be attentive to the risk ahead. We still need to be in focus on this issue,” he emphasized. On the other hand, the minister differed from the Secretary of Access to Health, Carla Vizzotti, who suggested that celebrities be emptied to set an example. On this, Quirós said that “the vaccine is for people over 60 or with coFernán morbidities or essential workers; you don’t have to give the discussion about whether or not you would wear one.” He also insisted with another proposal: “If we could see the scientific information of the Pfizer vaccine and analyze the technical data and show it to the public, it would be more reassuring than any other manoeuvre or action that could be taken.” Transparency, professionalism and demonstration of scientifically valid information is the most important point, which we do not yet have,” said the Minister of Health. In this regard, referring to the advances of the Pfizer vaccine, the official said phase three continues, but that “it is very encouraging results that he has presented”. Finally, with regard to the concrete possibility of opening the holiday colonies, Quirós announced: “Let’s try, everything is going to be different but we’re going to try to activate the colonies. They’re going to be pedagogical, to see if we can reinforce aspects of the year to recover what happened to us in the educational environment.”
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