translated from Spanish: Covid-19 trial applied to MS Magaly Inzunza

Sinaloa.- Before the press release made by the coordinator of the parliamentary group of the PRI in the Congress of the State of Sinaloa, Deputy Sergio Jacobo Gutiérrez, on the urge to the population to abide by the health recommendations in the face of the health alert coronavirus, disclosed that Meps Elva Margarita Inzunza Valenzuela applied the Covid-19 test. The Deputy is isolated at her home pending the results of the diagnosis to be released tomorrow Thursday.

Because the DEPUTY has been experiencing health problems for a few days and coronavirus-like symptoms, the specialists recommended that this test be applied. And then the Deputy abided by the corresponding protocol. The leader of the priist fraction reported that a few minutes ago he spoke with Magaly Inzunza who told him that he has evolved positively and is in stable condition. Jacobo Gutiérrez stressed that this information was released so that those who attend the congress and those who were in contact with the deputy are aware of the situation and are alert.
Because first of all it must be prevented

Concluded. You may be interested: Coronavirus Sinaloa: 43 confirmed and 4 deaths.

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