translated from Spanish: Use public force to empty La Paz boardwalk, BCS

Baja California.- The governor of Baja California Sur, Carlos Mendoza Davis reported that elements of the State and Municipal Police disintegrated the agglomeration of people on the boardwalk of La Paz, as a preventive measure in the face of the spread of coronavirus in the entity. The representative noted that the use of public force should not be necessary «We do not need the police if we are aware, accountable and supportive tod@s,» he wrote. 
Carlos Mendoza David shared on twitter that the boardwalk of La Paz was full of young people walking and in vehicles still with the coronavirus pandemic and made a call to become aware of the situation.
With sadness I warn we have not raised awareness of the importance of staying at home to overcome the pandemic. At 7:00 pm today, the boardwalk of #LaPaz, #BCS, full of young people walking, on foot and by car. Don’t you know the risk you’re taking?  Where are the parents?

Mendoza Davis wrote through his Twitter account.State and municipal security elements took action to disperse people who were on the la Paz boardwalk. The governor thanked the authorities for the action for the health of the citizenry.

Thank you state police #BCS and Municipal #LaPaz, for its coordinated action to disintegrate the agglomeration of walkers on the boardwalk. We won’t need the police if we’re aware, accountable and supportive tod@s. The pandemic is serious. The answer must be the same. — Carlos Mendoza Davis (@cmendozadavis)
April 3, 2020

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