translated from Spanish: Mexicans bring the market closer to the house in quarantine times

Mexico City.- From the food delivery and the supermarket list, a group of young Mexicans has gone on to bring the market altruistically to people quarantined by the coronavirus in the Mexican capital. The project “I do errands MX” brings the products of the market to the houses to the people on request expressly and at no more cost than that of a tip in the towns near the area of Rome North, explained to Efe Karen one of the delivery companies.

A score of delivery people participate in this project and, while almost all deliver restaurant orders, already covered shipping costs, they also give themselves their time to do altruistic work with the people who are quarantined. The initiative has its background in the September 2017 earthquake, when some delivery people volunteered at the collection centers to package products and deliver them to the affected population.
“We know each other since the earthquake of 2017, everyone from their trenches,” said Karen, who has its base of operations in a public park in the Roma Norte colony.
“The project is just getting started, most delivery people offer per-app service but we give ourselves time for activities. It’s completely altruistic, the cost of shipping is voluntary.”

The way to make orders is through social networks and Whatsapp, where by direct message, you can order products from stores, pick up ready-made purchases or go to the pharmacy to buy medicines.
They send us a direct message with what they need, the receiving point, the delivery point and who receives it. We bought it and brought them the receipt,” he said.

While many times delivery people must put money out of pockets to buy the product and deliver it, they admit that their trust has not been broken by any bad experience other than that, still, most are deliveries requested by commercial establishments. You may be interested: Does the antibacterial gel against coronavirus work? Mexico’s health authorities hold a day called Sana Distancia, which will end on April 30, and which seeks to keep most people at home to mitigate the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which causes COVID-19 disease. According to the most recent mexican authorities’ account, 60 deaths and 1,688 cases of the disease have been reported in the country. Efe

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