translated from Spanish: Spanish president will ask for virus quarantine extension

The president of Spain’s government, Pedro Sánchez, announced that he will speak with Parliament to extend the state of emergency for another two weeks to combat the pandemic of the new coronavirus. Spain has been under quarantine since 14 March and the state of emergency is scheduled to end on April 11. The two-week extension would extend it to April 26 for a total of six weeks under quarantine. The leader of the main opposition party has already said he will support the government when it asks Parliament for extension at a session this week. It will be the second extension Sanchez requests. Spain has 11,744 deaths and 124,736 infections from the pandemic. It is at the level of Italy as one of the countries with the most infections after the United States.However, the expansion of the pandemic has slowed and hospitals in Spain have helped 34,000 people recover from Covid-19.Sánchez reported that Spain is flattening the curve in infection rate, but you need to do more to keep moving forward. Under national confinement all non-essential industries were closed and only people are allowed to leave their homes to buy food and medicine.

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