translated from Spanish: Calls for quarantined violence in La Araucanía increase

Since the health emergency that Chile is experiencing due to Covid-19 the Fono Orientación 1455 has increased considerably in its calls, reaching a variation of 112.50% between February and March in the region of La Araucanía. They reported this from the Ministry of Women and Gender Equity, with the aim of providing support in orientation, information and first attention in crisis situations, evaluating each of them so that, if necessary, they are referred to other relevant institutions.
Faced with the increase in so-called women’s seremi and Gender Equity, Sara Suazo said that calls to Fono 1455 increased by almost 70% in March, compared to February at the national level.
«Our region has also presented a significant variation. This significant increase in calls to 112.50% reflects that women are needing guidance and help in times where they are spending more time at home. It is important to highlight here the important role that neighbors play and the environment to help a woman suffering from violence,» said seremi.
It should be noted that the increase in calls is not necessarily related to an increase in violence. The prosecution’s figures are that the number of complaints about Domestic Violence has even decreased. «This is possibly because many women from quarantine do not dare to go out on the street to ask for help and denounce. That is why the ministry has strengthened coordinations to give even more support to women in this quarantine through the 9 Women’s Centres, 4 Reception Houses, extra shifts on Fono 1455, among others,» explain from the government portfolio.
«We tell the women of the country that they are not alone. Violence is un quarantined and in that regard we want to stress that today more than ever we must be alert to possible acts of violence against women. Right now we are here to help and accompany them, which is why the Ministry of Women and Gender Equity, together with the National Women’s Service and Gender Equity, have built a Contingency Plan that includes a major reinforcement in the shifts of call service», emphasized the regional authority.
The Fono Orientation 1455 is a device that is always in operation 24 hours a day, every day of the year. It is attended by specialists in violence and provides help to all women who suffer or witness physical and/or psychological abuse.

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