Javier Milei, on the free bearing of arms: “I am in favor, definitely”

Categorically, the deputy of the Libertad Avanza, Javier Milei, ratified his position regarding the free carrying of weapons: “I am in favor, definitely””As a follower of Gary Becker (American economist) and adherent to his theory and empirical evidence, when an activity lowers the cost and increases the benefit that activity expands. When you prohibit the use of weapons, criminals, no matter how much they are forbidden, use it the same. The expected benefits increase and there is more crime,” explained the economist, in dialogue with the Truth/Consequence (TN) program. The lawmaker expressed his position amid the upheaval sparked by the massacre in Texas, Where an 18-year-old murdered 19 children and two teachers at a Uvalde County elementary school.
The economist has also expressed his position on other points. For example, he spoke out against the death penalty because, he said, “it doesn’t change anything.” “When you compare crime between a state where there is a death penalty and another where there is none, it doesn’t vary. This is because the judges who were harsh originally, when the penalty has to be applied, become lax,” he said, taking as an example what happens in the United States, where, in some states, the death penalty continues to be applied. Milei also rejected legal abortion, although he said he agreed with this practice “when the mother is in danger of life.” On the other hand, he has spoken out in favor of freeing drug use: “If you want to commit suicide in installments, it does not bother me.” “Do what you want, if you want to commit suicide, do it. I’m going to tell you: ‘don’t do it, your family is going to feel bad, you lose how wonderful life is’. But it’s a personal decision,” he said. Now, he clarified, when there is a State, the one who takes drugs passes the bill to me, and there everything rots.”

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