translated from Spanish: Santa Fe asks Nation to enable family reunions and bars

The Government of the Province of Santa Fe enabled the private works of up to 10 people in the big cities and also exempted from quarantine trade union activities, professional colleges and administrative tasks of universities in the rest of the territory, as official sources reported today. On the other hand, Governor Omar Perotti sent the National Government a series of requests to allow domestic service, the enablement of bars and restaurants with a 50% occupancy and sports practices in open or ventilated spaces.» Following the evolution of the day-to-day developments of the sampling and the tests that are being carried out, we are taking different measures», explained Perotti after allowing new activities to be carried out.

In the agglomerates of Gran Santa Fe and Gran Rosario allowed the private works of up to 10 operators: «As long as the work does not involve entering homes with residents, premises or establishments in operation». In addition, retailers will be able to open during the morning, a major industry claim. In this new decree, activity was enabled in trade unions, trade union entities, entrepreneurs, social works, professional boxes and colleges, administration of sports entities and the administrative activity of national and private universities behind closed doors and with prior shift, with the exception of Rosario and Santa Fe.

For their part, the physical workouts that seek to enable are those that do not involve physical contact, in turn, in open or sufficiently ventilated spaces, without meetings. Finally, he also requested family gatherings of up to 10 people on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, as well as face-to-face exam tables at universities.

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