translated from Spanish: UDI mp criticizes as “really ridiculous” government action to Covid-19

Deputy Alvaro Carter (UDI) criticized the almost “ridiculous measures” being taken to prevent the increase in Covid-19 cases in the south east of Santiago, where according to the projection, in communes such as La Florida or Puente Alto, cases would increase considerably.” I would ask the minister to put his hand in his heart and hopefully decree total quarantine in Puente Alto and Florida. When he has been tried to talk about the true situation of what is happening on the streets, he cannot put himself to criticize the mayors or whoever is crossed, so perhaps it would be good if he took more attention to the reality that is lived in the middle-class areas of the Metropolitan Region” Held. Carter was emphatic in pointing out that “now that the disease has left the East and reached the real world, the measures he is taking are really ridiculous; the southern eastern part of Santiago is largely unre quarantined and the ban on a Puente Alto area is ridiculous, unlike the communes where perhaps many of the people who make decisions in the Minsal live. The number of private clinics that exist to the southern part of the Metropolitan Region is small; we don’t know how many respirators or how many optional ones you count with.” In Florida alone there are more than five cases for every 10 thousand inhabitants while in Puente Alto it is unspeakable and so what does the Minsal expect to take real measurements or want to wait until the two hospital precincts we have in this area are even more saturated?” he said. In addition, the legislator added that “when do we have dead people and others waiting in the hallways there will be the measures taken? Clearly the Government bought the story of the Chilean case when the race is neither finished. Real measures really need to be taken and Chileans in mind so hopefully the Ministry of Health “becomes a good person” and decide to make concrete and effective resolutions for all compatriots and not just for the upper class of the eastern sector of Santiago”.

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