translated from Spanish: MPs will review suppliers for fan purchases

Having agreed to allocate more than 7 million pesos for the purchase of medical equipment in support of Covid-19 patient care, local deputies will hold a meeting to discuss potential fan suppliers who intend to acquire and make their proposals to the Procurement and Procurement Committee of the State Congress.The Secretary-General of Congress. , José Antonio Ríos Rojo, reported that, just as agreements were made at the Political Coordination Board to allocate the resource of 7 million 760 thousand pesos to buy fans, the deputies made up of three from Morena and one more from each parliamentary group, will agree that, company will buy the product and then donate it directly to public hospitals that, most need it.

This commission will be in charge of seeing suppliers, seeing prices and when they agree, the result we have, we will pass it on to the Congressional Procurement Committee to make the purchase.» Said.

He stated that the meeting would be virtually and it is only a matter of Members picking up their proposals and in the course of the week being able to acquire the respirators. Ríos Rojo, stated that the agreement taken by Jucopo ruled out that the money be handed over to the Ministry of Health and it was noted that it was the Legislature himself who made the process of buying and delivering the fans. Donation
Of the total resources to be donated, five million pesos were obtained directly from the savings that the State Congress has obtained in the first three months of the year, the result of the austerity plan applied. There were also 360 thousand pesos that were labelled for the recruitment of technical secretaries of the standing committees. Another 2.4 million pesos were obtained from the Social Management Fund, corresponding to the months of May, June and July, which is given to the deputies on a monthly basis. Despite the seriousness in which it takes place, the Covid-19 pandemic, the State Congress will be considering more resources to be allocated to the medical needs of the health sector.

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