translated from Spanish: Conmebol ratifies qatars heading for Qatar in September

Assumption.- The South American Football Confederation (Conmebol) today issued a statement confirming the start of the South American Qualifiers for the 2022 Qatar World Cup in September of the current year. The restart date, so far, was set from 4 to 8 September, in the format previously established, while continuity would occur in the following months of October and November, with the two monthly matches expected to be played, six in total in 2020.

The Conmebol document clarifies that the qualifying contest is a FIFA competition, so it is up to the world’s top football to finally set the date of the playoffs. The parent entity of South American football held a videoconference meeting on Friday with the members of the Council and presidents of the various member associations, in order to analyze and monitor the impact that COVID-19 is generating on the development of football at the continental level. According to the official note, the date of resumption of the Copa Libertadores de América and 2020 Copa Sudamericana tournaments is not yet set, but it has been determined to complete the completion of this edition of both tournaments.
“All participants in the meeting agreed that to this day the priority continues to be to preserve the health of the great family of South American football, and therefore, given the current recommendations of international public health agencies, as well as the indications of health authorities in each of the countries of member associations these decisions were made,” the document states. The members of the Council, together with the President of Conmebol, the Paraguayan Alejandro Domínguez, again confirmed the celebration of the next edition of the Copa América of Argentina-Colombia, in June and July 2021, as announced by the confederation a few weeks ago, according to the statement. You might also be interested: Would the Mexican Balompié League be the option for promotion teams? Officer: MX Rise disappears for 5 years: Enrique Bonilla

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