translated from Spanish: Julio Barroso defends Colo Colo’s roster and does not rule out leaving the club

Julio Barroso, experienced zaguero de Colo Colo, commented on the break that exists with the management of Black and White after the concessionaire decided to benefit from the Employment Protection Act, thus suspending contracts with the first team. Even like goalscorer Esteban Paredes, the ‘Admiral’ does not rule out leaving the ‘Cacique’ in advance in the face of this situation. Asked by the critics of the players, after failing to reach an agreement with Aníbal Mosa and company to apply a pay cut, the 35-year-old told the CDF that “some misinterpreted it and make us look like mercenaries who don’t want to negotiate.” We had no room for negotiation, we regret that everything came to light and generated this awkward and sad situation. We don’t want anyone to look at us who take advantage, we want to fight a negotiation like everyone else. Some refund of these moneys,” he added. In the same vein, former O’Higgins said that “we are sad. Just as other clubs have shown support for their players, making deals, repaid the money they were going to take from them, we waited for that back, to give players in the future, especially the guys who get confused, who don’t have to pay things.” “The biggest ones can provide a space, but we have to defend all these kids. We are a team, every weekend, we go out on the court to receive compliments or insults. We can’t save some and leave others out in the open. We have that same pain, they know that every thing, that one suffers at the beginning, not only with dialogue, but with actions is solved”, he added. Faced with the possibility of not renewing the contract with the Albos and leaving the institution soon, Barroso noted that “I am calm, beyond continuity or not, because I defend my colleagues as I have done in the seven years I have been at the club. If this creates a rejection for my continuity, I will understand.”


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