translated from Spanish: Coronavirus in Argentina: a baby that her parents named Ciro Covid was born

This week the province of Santa Fe was born a baby that his parents decided to call it in the same way as the new coronavirus: Ciro Covid. The little one arrived in the world on Wednesday, April 22 at the Regional Hospital of the city of Ceres, in the department of San Cristobal. This is the first child they decide to name the same as the virus declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). The event transcended the media through a source of the hospital’s health staff who expressed their discontent with the situation.

Ceres City Regional Hospital in Santa Fe

«I am particularly sorry that this has happened, and more in our hospital,» he said in dialogue with the local environment, El Litoral. «I think it’s a total lack of respect for the thousands and thousands of people who died from this virus,» he added.

At first doctors thought it was a joke, although his opinion changed with the birth certificate. «There I noticed it was true. It’s a nice little thing. Unfortunately it’s going to be world news and it’s going to be stuck with the seal of Ceres Hospital. My position as part of citizenship is that I find it totally inappropriate,» the source said.

Ciro Covid’s Birth Certificate Photo: El Litoral

In Argentina, 167 people died from the virus’ spread, while the number of people infected amounted to 3,435. Against this background, it is presumed that the measure of isolation, mandatory, social and preventive, prepared by the government of President Alberto Fernández, will be extended.

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