translated from Spanish: Amaia Montero’s sister defended her against Lali Espósito: “You’re a piece of shit”

Lali Espósito’s live talk with Peter Lanzani featured a memory of the Casi Angeles era which included Amaia Montero, the Spanish singer.” There was Amaia with a few drinks… Well, it’s okay. But he crossed paths with China in a corridor, at a time when China couldn’t stand much. He had an uncontrolled character at the time. Then it was crossed to Amaia, who was in hers, and they bumped into their shoulders, something China didn’t like at all. One was put together that had to end up separating them. It was a quilombo,” she recalled.

But Amaia disencrypted this and was not satisfied with the apologies Lali publicly asked for: “Everything you told in your GI directness regarding me is absolutely a lie (…) It’s been quite a surprise your response since you elude the fundamentals, THE TRUTH. It’s quite a disappointment. I hope this message comes to you and makes you think again.” And not happy with that, Amaia’s sister, Idoia, was also against Lali: “You are a great liar @lalioficial. I was there at all times and your apology is NOT clear. You made it up, period. YOU LIED, THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN. Tell your mother, your family what you’ve done to see if they forgive you. I don’t.” He added: “As a fellow professional you are a real piece of shit!! You’ve proved miserable. With what’s going on in the world, you’re not ashamed @lalioficial. Don’t tease us and do what you have to do on Instagram. I’m smart, you’re a @lalioficial list.”

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