translated from Spanish: Carabineros confirms Covid-19 case among detainees today in Plaza de la Dignidad

Carabineros reported that this Friday he arrested 57 people in the middle of a demonstration in the Plaza de la Dignidad. One of them tested positive for Covid-19.
The fact was confirmed by the Carabineros Twitter account, from which they noted that the Prefecture Control Public Order acted in the face of non-compliance with the health decree prohibiting the congregation of more than 50 people in a public space.
In that regard, they added that «between them, a man with Covid-19 positive and that he should be quarantined until 9 May.»
General Enrique Bassaletti, head of the Eastern Metropolitan Zone of Carabineros, explained to CNN Chile that since the Constitutional State of Exception has been decreed, «rights have somehow been restricted, in particular the right to assembly.»
The officer explained that, in the case of the man infected with COVID-19, the rigorous health protocol was performed.
«He is being transferred to an enclosure especially for this purpose, which corresponds to a sanitary residence. I have no detail of how many people were in contact with him, but this person was indeed in the context of demonstrations, of crowds of people. She underwent identity checks, along with other people,» he said.

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