translated from Spanish: Oxxo Stores Days Away From Running Out of Beer

The covid-19 pandemic and the health measures to deal with it, severely hit by the country’s economy, among the industries most affected is beer, as its production and distribution has been banned. One news that has produced sadness among lovers of this drink, is that recently the commercial chain, OXXO, has reported that it is a matter of days for its more than 19 thousand stores to run out of this product. 
Detalló, Juan Fonseca, director of investor relations, who in some establishments already have it while in others they only have Modelo and Heineken, since they had the possibility to suffer a few weeks ago, however, they are not producing. He explained that it’s about 10 days before it’s all over.
When the distribution runs out of beer, which will happen in the next few weeks, that will be negative for the same sales»

Let us remember that in the face of contingency, the government specified that only all those businesses that were essential could continue its activities, discarding the production and distribution of beer. Faced with this situation, companies such as Modelo and Heineken, rushed to make their last assortments on April 5. Produce beer, yes or no?
The issue of beer has generated much controversy during the health emergency, which, for his part, the director of Femsa, Eduardo Padilla, commented that returning to activities in production plants would not pose a health risk. However, he acknowledged that beer could act as a «social lubricant, which causes the interaction between people to be unleashed again.
Another important point that Padilla addressed is that in Mexico there are a lot of businesses that get most of their income from the sale of beer, which is quite worrying as they could fall dramatically.
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