translated from Spanish: Santoro: “The saucepans are a wake-up call to the judiciary and the political class”

Leandro Santoro, an adviser to Alberto Fernández, considered that “the first thing to do” is to “arm special places” in locations such as Army barracks to take “the heaviest prisoners” and reduce overcrowding in prisons. In addition, he considered the pan against the release of detainees to be “a wake-up call to the judiciary, to the political class.” What should be done is to grab the heaviest prisoners and assemble special places, differentiate inside the prisons,” said the Buenos Aires City legislator.” There are recommendations from international agencies (to prevent the spread of coronavirus in prisons), but that does not enable judges to remove the quilombo from the top. Generally, the heaviest prisoners are the ones with the most habeas corpus, they are all the time about the judges with their lawyers. So to get them off their backs, they get home,” Santoro explained, “The presidential adviser added: “People don’t end up distinguishing whether it’s justice, the House, the judge, the deputies, the President.” The proposal to transfer prisoners to Castrenses establishments had been supported by the president of the Association of Prosecutors and Officials of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Nation, Carlos Rívolo, who had raised “the possibility of isolating them in alternative places, such as barracks, police schools”.

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