translated from Spanish: Aeromexico adjusts overseas schedules and cancels flights during May

Aeromexico updated its adjustment of operations on international flights during May, as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.
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Aeromexico’s new itineraries
United States
Departing from Mexico City:
-Flights to Austin, Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas, Miami, Orlando, San Antonio, San Francisco and Seattle are suspended until May 31, and will resume operations on June 1.
-Houston is suspended until May 14, and will restart on May 15 with 4 weekly flights.
-Operations in New York are suspended until May 15, so they will claim the 16th, with three weekly frequencies.
-Aeromexico reduced its weekly frequencies to Los Angeles to three times until May 31.
-In Chicago, the airline restart operations until June 1.
Departing from Monterrey:
-Flights to Detroit, New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles are suspended until May 31; restart operations on June 1.
Departing from Guadalajara:
-The airline will restart operations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Fresno, Chicago and Sacramento until June 1.
-To Salt Lake City, it will fly until May 8, with five weekly frequencies.
Departing from León, Guanajuato:
-Detroit is suspended until May 31, and will restart operations on June 1.
Departing from Querétaro:
Detroit will resume operations on June 1.
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-To Vancouver, activities will resume at 1 weekly frequency from the first day of May, and will increase to 2 frequencies from day 7 to 31 of the same month.
-Flights to Montreal and Toronto were suspended until May 31, and will resume operations on June 1.
Central america
-Operations to Guatemala were suspended until 16 May, and will resume on 1 weekly frequency on the 16th.
-To San Jose, flights were suspended until May 15. On the 16th, operations will resume at 2 weekly frequencies.
-In Managua, San Salvador and San Pedro Sula flights will return to operation until June 1.
-Operations to Panama were cancelled and will not resume.
South america
-The route to Lima was suspended until May 14. It will reign operations on 15 May with 2 weekly frequencies.
-Bogotá, Medellín, Quito, Santiago de Chile and Sao Paulo suspended operations until 31 May and will resume operations on 1 June.
-Flights to Buenos Aires were suspended until 31 August, will resume on 1 September.
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-To Havana and Santo Domingo, Aeromexico will fly until June 1.
-Flights to Amsterdam and Paris will be reduced to 1 per week until 31 May.
-The airline will fly to Barcelona and London until 1 June.
-To Madrid, flights resumed on 2 May on a weekly basis.
-Aeromexico will resume operations to Seoul on May 2 with 2 weekly frequencies.
-Tokyo will reduce its flights to 2 weekly until May 31.
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