translated from Spanish: Government condemns clandestine party in Maipú

A clandestine party, with at least 400 attendees, was detected by Carabineros during the early hours of this Sunday in the commune of Maipú. The Government, for its part, rejected the fact. According to police, during a patrol that monitored the fulfillment of the curfew, its staff saw a large number of people leave from a property in Camino a Melipilla, so they entered the site and discovered and interrupted the meeting. Captain Claudio Valenzuela detailed that «Carabineros in the framework of the preventive patrols that he performs within the framework of the curfew detected that many people were circulating in that sector».» About 400 people came out from the inside, where alcohol of all kinds was being sold. People did not comply with any safety measures, masks or social distance,» the officer added. According to the first information, the party was called up through social networks. The person responsible for organizing this party was arrested and will go on to a second detention checkpoint on this day. Carabineros also identified vehicle license plates from meeting attendees to find them. From the Government, spokesbox Karla Rubilar said: «We will not win the battle against Covid-19 if, like last night, more than 400 people who think they are invincible, in broad daylightfies, are going to go underground party putting their health and that of others at risk. What else has to happen to understand that this is not a game?»

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