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Morelia, Michoacán.- Through a statement reported by the municipal president of Morelia, Raúl Morón Orozco gave the green light with the beginning of the cleaning of rivers and drains, with the aim of expanding its hydraulic capacity in a timely manner in the vicinity of the rainy season.
This as part of the «Flood Prevention Program 2020», Raúl Morón took a tour of the Barajas, Mora Tovar and Parián drains this morning, accompanied by the Director General of the Operator Agency of Drinking Water, Sewerage and Sanitation of Morelia (OOAPAS), Julio César Orantes Ovalos, and the Secretary of Municipal Public Services, Ramón Baltierra Sánchez, where work began with machinery along the three drains mentioned.

This programme will be implemented for approximately two months, where OOAPAS will work on the deep cleaning of drains with six excavator and long arm equipment; these works will be complemented by the cleaning of the Rio Grande, which will be carried out by the Morelia City Council with a dredge machine.

In addition to these actions, from March there are manual cleaning days on the edges of the drains with the human team that makes up the Municipal Interagency Brigade, where it is made chaperone and garbage removal that hinders the flow of water in the drain channels.

In addition, OOAPAS works on the automation of the carcamos that are located along the Rio Grande, in order to activate its operation remotely and immediately when required, in case of a contingency for rains. Similarly, the implementation of automation technology will reduce equipment wear when water levels in drains are low.

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