translated from Spanish: Dante Ortega reflected on gender identity: “What is being male?”

Dante Ortega used his social networks to reflect on gender identity and roles. Through his own experiences, palito Ortega’s young grandson, the renowned actor and musician, raised the debate with his followers: “What is it to be macho?”” I’m very loose as an asshole. I loved to stick figurines of ‘High School Musical’, sing the songs of Troy (Bolton) and Sharpey (Evans), fanatic, passed the bomb; but when I went to school, it was hell, because the two things I had to do were football or playing with robots,” said the teenager, who shows his artistic side in the nets. It was even recently recorded performing a cover of J-Balvin’s “Red”.” I said ‘well’, I’ve got to play with the chicks, I’m aiming, that’s it, empowered. The two things I had to do at school was play football or play with the typical men’s toys, the ‘Transformers’, all to shoot shots, an ambush. I didn’t want to do either of them and I’d go with the chicks and bomb it. I thought, ‘how do these skinny guys have fun?'” he said humorously.

That’s when he mentioned how he suffered gender, tax and naturalized stereotypes. “My sister always hated the Barbies, and my grandmother took her to the house (where they marketed the dolls). I loved them, but they never took me. I went with my cousin to the cars and I didn’t want to be there, I wanted to be at Barbie’s house,” he was in a constant.” It is best for everyone to do what they want, without prejudice, without believing themselves better. All in all, there may be kids who play football and likes kids, and others who paint their nails and likes chicks. Experimenting is part of learning. There’s a lot of determination in what it’s like to be a woman, to be a man, a straight, gay, a bisexual man. Let’s erase all that stuff,” he closed.

Dante Ortega ? Photo: Instagram @_danteortega_

Let us remember that his father, Sebastian decided to compose a trans male character, one of the first times on Argentine television, Juani (in “100 days to fall in love”), played by Maite Lanata. All in pursuit of changes that deconstruct what is imposed and encourage us to live freer. In this note:

Original source in Spanish

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