translated from Spanish: FIFA makes amendments to its regulations authorizing 5 changes and the VAR disappears

Switzerland.- After FIFA requested the International Board, the regulation to help and care for the footballer. On Friday, these changes were approved and will be valid, in addition to requesting that the VAR be discontinued in the competencies that have been approved for now. Previous weeks some modifications had been requested to help the health of the footballer, recalling that after two months without activity playing many matches very often would directly affect the health of the athlete. 

On a transitional basis, competitions may authorise the use of five alternates— in Spanish (@fifacom_es)
May 8, 2020

But now that the regulation has been amended, how will the changes be made? According to FIFA all teams will have the possibility to make their changes at 3 key moments of the game, both clubs will have to reach an agreement of when they will be able to make their modifications to that time enter and exit as many as possible to avoid wasting time. Another of the modifications is that the VAR may no longer be used in the competition in which it is already approved, this also for the time saving, leaving to the discretion of the referees the appreciation of the plays just as it was before the technology. But this will be optional allowing the federations or competences to decide whether or not to use it. All these amendments to the rules come into force from this Friday when the South Korean League returns to the activity and is planned to work in this way until the end of 2020, when footballers once again have their football rhythm. 

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