translated from Spanish: [FOTO] Camila Recabarren reacted to critics after reunion with Dana Hermosilla: “Life goes on brothers, live it and let the shit live”

Former reality girl Camila Recabarren posted a series of stories on her Instagram account where she reacts to criticism she has received from her followers.” Let’s see there’s a pending issue here on my networks. First of all I show you part of my life, but not for you to think or meddle in my decisions, or be, we are adult people of course.”” If my polola arrives or gets here to the Valley, she does all the roles as they correspond. They can’t come and say, ‘Hey, but why she’s coming’ Hey, don’t be paranoid. Besides, there’s all the stuff there on the internet, you get into the host of the carabinieri, they ask for their permits to see relatives and all that, but don’t come and get into our decisions and I’m zero pituto, all those bones don’t like me, so don’t come and invent bones and don’t think they own the places because they’re for everyone , so cut the hueá,” the former miss Chile clarified,also, he stated that “the other thing I mean is that the Dana was locked up there in Santiago, so don’t come, you have no idea of anything then stop getting into the lives of others How long will you gentlemen? They’re good ducklings.” Recabarren also explained that his travels to La Serena and Punitaqui were not for a walk but were helping where he also stated that “stop the huea, they always have so much opinion of the people who are involved in their life. And with this pandemic host, take care of yourselves, leave for you, but not otherwise, don’t get into the decisions of others.” He also shared a series of photos with messages clarifying the same subject.

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