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Morelia, Mich.- Coordinated work between elements of the Morelia Regional Prosecutor’s Office and the Municipal Police was arrested by Evanivaldo V., alleged thief involved in several violent robberies to convenience stores, pharmacies, gas stations and passers-by.
According to police sources, the aforementioned subject has at least 26 investigative folders against him. He transferred that Evanivaldo always carried a pistol to commit the robberies, then escaped aboard a Yamaha motorcycle, cargo type; In addition, in some of his duties he hurt business employees and customers, whom he stripped of his belongings.
It was also known that the aforementioned one operated in the capital of Michoacana and in Pátzcuaro. His most recent coup happened last Thursday afternoon at a store in the Ocolusen colony, where he injured a worker and then escaped with the cash, the product of the day’s sales.
The victim then quickly sought out the individual and apprehended him in the Valle de las Flores colony, located on the way to Mil Cumbres, quickly requested help.
The now indicted was made available to a control judge, who analysed the evidence provided by the Prosecutor’s Office and determined to link him to prosecution for the crime of qualified theft, and set him informal pre-trial detention.
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