translated from Spanish: Food industry hopes to improve sales on Mother’s Day thanks to delivery and takeaway option

Each year, the gastronomic premises prepare in advance to best cover one of the days of greatest turnout, demand and income. Reservations, menus and special attentions are part of the operation of the date with the highest influx of diners.
However, the current scenario stemming from the sanitary restrictions imposed by Covid-19, which prohibits public attention in restaurants, has forced the industry to look for alternatives to continue functioning. In this celebration, behind closed doors, the best options for delivery or take away are shuffled.
“The call is to celebrate mothers as they always do, but this time using delivery or service applications to bring lunch or dinner, moving the good table of the restaurant to the heat of the home,” says Máximo Picallo, president of the Chilean Gastronomy Association (Achiga).
This sales format has grown significantly during the pandemic. So much so that Achiga believes he arrived to stay in the usual operation of the restaurants, although without supplying a face-to-face service in the premises.
Delivery has served to mitigate, in part, the economic effects of having the curtain down the best sales day of the year, where restaurants market 37% more and the industry in general increases its sales by 46%, since this celebration is added an additional 7% of establishments that do not regularly open on Sunday , according to data provided by Toteat Restaurant Manager.
“While we cannot celebrate with our customers as we would have wanted this year, we hope to reopen to welcome all mothers, families and friends, again being the meeting point, which we are sure are our business,” Picallo concluded.
While not all establishments provide delivery or take away services, a significant portion of partners are operating in this way to get to homes.

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