translated from Spanish: New delivery workers’ stop against labor precarization

In a new dispute of the workers of Glovo, Rappi, PedidosYa and UberEats with their employers, a new protest was given in the center of the city of Buenos Aires and other points of the country, where it was claimed for “safety elements, hygiene and a 100% increase in payment for shipments”. According to the Workers and Distribution Association (ATR), at 11 a.m. a mobilization was called for in the Obelisk of Buenos Aires, and then marched to the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security, where a conference was held on the subject.

#BuenViernes to demand for your rights. Workers in Glovo, Rappi, among others, protest in the center of Bs As and other points of the country for increased pay and denounce the precariousness of work in the sector, aggravated by COVID-19. Video: Seed Radio — Emerging (@emergentemedio)
May 8, 2020

Maximiliano González, at THER representative, publicly referred to the situation in statements to Noticias Urbanas. “A new fight plan was voted, for the well-known claims of safety and hygiene elements, and for a 100 percent increase in payment for each shipment,” he said.” We have also decided to join emma and Franco’s claim of justice, deliverors killed during working hours, and by the immediate reinstatement of all workers disengaged from fighting,” he remarked, and it was noted that the demonstrations, in addition to CABA, were in Mar del Plata, Corrientes, Neuquén, Rosario, Córdoba, Mendoza and Santa Fe.No it is the first time in the middle of the quarantine in which delivery workers go out to the streets. On April 22, an International Dealer Stop was held, which included workers from five other countries, in addition to Argentina, because of working conditions.

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