translated from Spanish: Effect of the pandemic: postpone indefinitely realization of CyberDay 2020

The Electronic Commerce Committee of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce (CCS) announced a postponement of CyberDay on Tuesday. «Due to the health crisis in our country, it has been considered prudent to postpone the date of the event
CyberDay, which is usually done in May,» the union association said in a statement.
The CCS Committee argued that the health urgency «makes us think of other priorities that lie ahead of this event, as today the biggest point of interest is the health of our employees and customers, as well as continuing to serve individuals and their families in their most pressing needs that can be addressed remotely by e-commerce.»
They also noted that, due to the pandemic context, it is not possible to achieve full operational and logistical capacity «to ensure good service levels, especially in deliveries», in a massive and national event.
«The date of CyberDay 2020 will be reported in a timely manner, considering the importance of both SMEs in the sector and consumers, and we also confirm the holding of the CyberMonday event that traditionally takes place during the last quarter of the year,» the Committee said.
Last year’s CyberDay surpassed records. Between May 27 and 29, e-commerce sites that participated (371) amassed $258 million in sales, 35% more than 2018. Revenue expectations of US$250 million were also exceeded.
On that occasion, the 371 participating sites exceeded 100 million visits and around two million transactions were completed, 55% higher than in 2018.

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