translated from Spanish: Trial resumed for the femicide of Anahí Benitez, following his suspension by coronavirus

On July 29, 2017, Anahí Benítez left his house, located in Parque Barón (Lomas de Zamora), and walked a few blocks to the Eva Perón Municipal Park. The teenager didn’t come back. His family filed the complaint on the same day. Until August 4, the young woman’s body was found buried in the Santa Catalina Nature Reserve. He was naked, with sharp injuries and blows to the head. The autopsy determined femicide by suffocation from suffocation and maintained that it had been the victim of a sexual assault. The trial for the crime of Anahí (interrupted on 16 March) was resumed, after its suspensions for 57 days, a period that so far established social isolation, preventive and mandatory to quell the spread curve by the new coronavirus.

Establishing the measures of shelter and estrangement, the trial was resumed this morning in the courts located in the town of Banfield, before Tribunal Oral en lo Criminal (TOC) 7 of Lomas de Zamora.According the sources told the agency Télam, by decision of the court, only judges Roberto Conti, Elisa López Moyano and Roberto Lugones can be present in the room; court prosecutor Hugo Daniel Carrión; Silvia Pérez, Anahí’s mother, who acts as a particularly affected; guillermo Bernard Krizan and the defender of the accused Marcos Esteban Bazán, Rosario Fernández.

The trial resumed by the femicide of Anahí Benitez Photo: Profile

Following this same line the Grandstand, he restricted the presence of the public, allowing only one person by the complaint and another by the defense. Everyone who stays in the room is also obliged to wear a head covering and should sit in compliance with social estrangement.» I hope the defendant speaks at once,» he told Télam, the victim’s mother, Silvia Perez. Those accused of femicide are Marcelo Sergio Villalba (42) and Marcos Esteban Bazán (34). After the Court ruled on 21 February that Villalba was not in a position to stand trial for his psychiatric problems, Bazán remains the only defendant at trial and will be present by teleconference.

Mother of Anahí Benitez

Bazán went to court on charges as co-author of «illegal deprivation of aggravated liberty, aggravated murder by alevosy, criminous cause and mediating gender-based violence» and, alternatively, as a necessary participant in «sexual abuse aggravated by carnal access». If found guilty, he could be sentenced to life imprisonment.

The defendants are Marcos Esteban Bazán and Marcelo Sergio Villalba

For his part, Villalba was accused of «theft, sexual abuse aggravated by carnal access» as a perpetrator – his DNA was found in the victim’s body – and «illegal deprivation of aggravated liberty and aggravated murder by alevosy, crimins cause and by mediating gender-based violence» as a co-author. In this note:

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