translated from Spanish: Reviving the economy and ensuring health, the challenge for all rulers: Victor Baez

Pátzcuaro, Michoacán.- «The presence of the Covid_19 forces us to adapt to a new reality, to take with responsibility new habits to protect our health and to reinvent ourselves to resume the economic productivity on which our well-being also depends. It is not the time for blacks or blacks, but for balances and effective actions that allow us to continue,» said the municipal president of Pátzcuaro, Víctor Báez Ceja, meeting on Friday with representatives from all the productive sectors of the municipality to agree on the measures that will be taken to reactivate the local economy.

In front of hoteliers, traders, carriers and entrepreneurs from different branches, the building presented an analysis of the effects that this pandemic has had, both on public health and for municipal, state and national finances. «There is no room to choose between caring for one or the other, rulers and society are obliged to look after the health of people and the family economy, which leads us to revive the economy, abide by all health recommendations and adopt with great discipline extraordinary measures that protect the health of all,» he explained.
«Over the past two months, we have learned more than ever what a society means, where we all depend on everyone and need the solidarity of all, without exceptions, to face this health crisis. Today we celebrate that in Pátzcuaro there is the will to work together, and we call on all Michoacans to come together with one goal: the survival of our state.»
This first meeting with the productive sectors, indicated, aimed to incentivize the creativity of each productive sector with the aim of drawing alternatives and solutions so that the reactivation of business is possible in the face of a new reality.
«We have heard the difficulties of all sectors of the population, starting with families and their basic needs; of the traders who produce daily the livelihood of their own; of the doctors, nurses and health workers facing this pandemic; entrepreneurs who generate jobs and support important pillars of the municipality’s economy; we have an important native population with special characteristics and a form of commerce of which we are headquartered, and with all of us we are working hand in hand,» said Victor Báez.
«Until today Pátzcuaro has maintained a controlled situation of contagion and despite the control that has been achieved hand in hand with the health authorities, we will not relax the measures, but on the contrary, we will promote the discipline of the population to avoid increasing the number of people infected,» the building said.

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