translated from Spanish: Lammens: «It’s not crazy to move football to where there’s no coronavirus»

Matías Lammens, Minister of Tourism and Sports of the Nation, said that «it is not crazy» to move all football teams to a province where there are no or failing few cases of coronavirus, to contest the promotions to the first division and also play the transitional championship that will give a place to the next Copa Libertadores.» It’s nothing crazy. Everyone who goes and kept everyone isolated in a hotel should be tested,» the former president of San Lorenzo said, but quickly also clarified that the decision does not depend on the National State.  

As an example he cited the case of the Spanish Basketball ACB League, which will move the final phase of the tournament to a single venue without public. The same will happen in Major League Soccer in the US, where the federation decided to take the teams to Orlando.
You have to take firm steps

«It’s hard, because setting dates generates expectations. You have to take firm steps, because one can maybe give one and end up giving two back,» he added. He also commented that he understands anxiety because there are more than 100,000 jobs, not counting «indirect,» which depend on the football industry. Finally, he appreciated the work of the Argentine Tennis Association (AAT) by the protocols they presented for the sport to resume in Corrientes, Jujuy, Salta and Catamarca.In this note:

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